Tony Higbee

USPPA Certified Flight Instructor #5785


Callsign:  Romeo

Born and raised in a military family of aviators and went on to serve in the US Army 82nd ABN DIV. Built and flew RC aircraft for a number of years before beginning his Private Pilot training with thoughts of instructing at some point in the future. Then came the introduction to Powered Paragliding That ignited a whole new passion for aviation and began sharing his passion for PPG. Tony would later begin sharing what he had learned and eventually began teaching people to fly. Tony says ” Paramotoring is so intimate, so up close and personal. I love it! I love sharing it and helping others to become safe and confident PPG pilots. You know, if I never fly another Cessna, I think I’ll be okay with that”    


Craig Loop

USPPA PPG3 Rated with Precision Landing

Social:  ppgav8r

Callsign:  Joker

Craig has close to 70 hours in fixed wing aircraft as well is a FAA Licensed sUAS Drone pilot . His love of flying started around the age of 5 when watching the crop dusters in Georgia buzz the fields and doing aerobatics captured his imagination. Not only has full size planes and flying been an interest but he has been flying model airplanes since he was young as well, making him no stranger to aircraft both big and small.

For the last 20 plus years Craig has been a Network Engineer working with advanced computer networks and data centers. Many of these skills in technology also help and adapt well to todays advanced flying machines. 

He came to Paramotors after his move to North Carolina. When asked how it all came about he replied “While looking for a school to fly from and continue my fixed wing ratings I came across Tucker Gott videos among others. Just seeing how much closer to being a bird and the true spirit of flight PPG was I had to look into it. After realizing how much more affordable both training and owning my own aircraft could be I haven’t looked back. ” Now he says it’s even more rewarding to help share his passion and experience with others as it is to fly himself. That is what lead him to the next step of teaching this amazing form of aviation to others.