Ground School

We start with going over the fundamentals of airspace, FAR 103 rules, aerodynamics, paramotor maintenance, and weather.


Ground Handling (Kiting)

Next we go over the most important thing to learn and master, ground handling. Learning to kite the wing, and making it second nature, is key to success.


Motor work and Power taxi

Now that you can handle the wing it’s time to strap into your motor.  You’ll learn throttle control while taxiing with your wing. Once mastered you are ready to take the next big step. 



UPNCPPG follows the USPPA PPG Syllabi and offers the PPG 1/2/3 ratings programs.

*FREE 1 year USPPA membership for students!*

*requires current valid USPPA membership and successful completion of PPG1 and PPG2 ratings*


Pricing for training is:


Week long class – $2k (7 days guaranteed!)

7 Days of Training – Guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase

Equipment rental (For Training purposes only) – $500

Full Day For Up To 8 Hours as a refresher or advanced training – $300


We can also come to your location if you have a field you’d like to fly from and we determine the site is safe (a travel fee may apply).

just ask us about it.  


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