USPPA Certified Paramotor Training in North Carolina. Come learn to fly at UPNCPPG!



Have you:

Looked to the sky and dreamt of flying?
Considered enrolling in flight training?
Thought that the time and money required to become a pilot has put your dream just out of reach?
Maybe you’re a pilot that just wants to relax and look around without the workload and expense that comes along with general aviation.


Then Powered Paragliding (PPG) is for you!




No enclosed cockpit. No gauges.
Just you and the open skies!



The sky is literally the limit!
Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful view of the local area from above, or want to go on cross country flights with the opportunity to see our great planet from a whole new perspective! Contact us to help you get started in achieving your dream of flight in the most affordable and safe form of personal aviation today, Powered Paragliding.


Let us help you UP!


Let’s get you started!



So you Wanna Fly?

Thanks for checking out UPNCPPG!


Here at UPNCPPG, our focus is on making  you a Safe, Competent, and Confident paramotor pilot. Also, our schedule is your schedule. We want you to not only fly safely, but learn and understand everything that you need to know when leaving the planet. Airspace & Regulations to make you a legal and knowledgeable pilot. Ground handling, Wing control, Aviation Weather, Navigation,  Aerodynamic Principles, Equipment Care, Inspection, and Maintenance. You’ll learn everything you need to know, and more. We are also a USPPA Certified school which means not only do we follow a proven syllabus for your training but can also help you achieve ratings that prove you have demonstrated the knowledge and skills to be a safe competent pilot.








Is it possible to fly in 3, 5, or even 7 days? Absolutely! But it’s unlikely that a newly minted paramotor pilot with but a few days experience, is really ready to be on their own. We spent more time learning to drive a motor vehicle and that doesn’t involve leaving the planet. Well, not in most cases anyway.

At UPNCPPG, you can come to us, and in some cases, we can come to you. We charge a low daily rate plus mileage if travel is necessary.

You won’t need equipment to begin. The first, and most important part of paragliding is learning wing control, a.k.a. ground handling. We’ve got you covered. We will help guide you towards safe, quality gear options that will suit your intended flying style and budget. Our focus is on you, the future pilot. 
















Come join us. Adventure awaits you at UPNCPPG!



Located In

Raleigh-Sanford Region of North Carolina


Paramotor Training in North Carolina. Come learn to fly at UPNCPPG!